“Cabinet Spokesperson”: On June 1, we will start coexisting with Corona


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Counselor Nader Saad, a spokesman for the Council of Ministers, said that the Prime Minister announced today that the state will continue with the same medical and precautionary rules and procedures that were applied during the last period in the face of the new Corona virus “Covid 19”, and continued: “Before Eid Al-Fitr, there will be a review of the situation … And on June 1 we will start with the gateway to a new period, which is coexistence with Corona.

“Saad” added during a phone call to the “ninth” program, presented by Wael El-Ibrashi, through the Egyptian Channel One, that the world has so far been unable to reach a cure for the Corona virus until now, and therefore the countries of the world cannot continue to close, and the optimal solution Life gradually returns to normal with medical procedures.

And Saad continued, “This does not mean that we have surrendered to the fait accompli. Rather, it will be a return with controls … for example, the restoration of life for cinema, theater and others, which will be gradually return with the application of precautionary measures.”

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