Carole Samaha comments on Hisham Selim’s remarks about his daughter’s conversion to male


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Lebanese singer Carole Samaha commented on the Egyptian artist Hisham Selim’s statements regarding his daughter’s sexual transformation.

Samaha said in a tweet to her through her account on the social networking site “Twitter”, “All love and respect for the mighty actor Hisham Selim for his audacity By recognizing a subject that is extremely specific and sensitive, especially in an inexorable Arab society !!! “.

And she added, “A real father knows how to understand, care for and protect his family. In western countries until now, this issue is not accepted by most parents !!!”

The remarks of the artist Hisham Selim It caused great controversy on social mediaAfter he announced that his daughter, “Nour” had performed a sexual transformation to become a male named “Nour”.

“I am surprised that she is transforming. From the moment she was born, I saw that her body was a body born from the first day, and I had doubt,” Salim said in televised comments on Sunday.

He added, “His daughter is bold and courageous to make this decision in Egyptian society. He pointed out that his daughter is now 26 years old, and she told him when she was 18 that she feels that she lives in a body other than her body.”

Selim mentioned that until now he faces his son, “Noor” A problem with the civil registry to extract his card, The old card is expired and wants to extract it as a male, but they refuse to.

The famous actor emphasized that he pitied his son and many others in the community who do not yet understand these matters.


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