Celebration Secret 11 … What does “siiiii” Cristiano Ronaldo mean?


The matches remain stuck until the climax, and the moment the ball falls into the net, the goal holder goes to celebrate it, between the dance or the participation of the fans, and other ways in which the players express their joy with the goal.

Yalla Koura introduces the # Secret_ Celebration series during Ramadan, in which players reveal the secret of how they celebrated the goal.

Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest scorers of all time in football, and he had a lot of celebrations, before he recently settled on the most famous celebration, “siiiii”.

Ronaldos cry became a distinctive sign, and not only celebrated the registration of his goals, but also extended to the stage at the “Balloon Dor” ceremony after receiving the award for the best player in the world in 2014, beating Barcelonas permanent Argentine rival Lionel Messi, and also reached the screens via Television media after crowning the Champions League.

Ronaldo explained the cry of his celebration in a previous interview last December, in which he said: “I started doing a siiiii celebration, which means in Spanish (yes) when I was in Real Madrid.”

He added: “When I was recording, the fans were chanting siiiii, and then I started doing the same thing, I don’t know why, it was normal.”

He continued: “I scored a goal, I made my regular celebration, then siiiii chanted, People ask me why I did it, but I don’t know why, it was automatic.”

“I always say, the best things come out automatically,” he concluded.

Ronaldo continued to do the same celebration despite his departure from Real Madrid and his move to Juventus in 2018, and the old lady’s fans interacted with him to shake the pitch with a cry of “Si”.

Ronaldo usually celebrates his celebration of running towards the masses, specifically about the location of the corner kicks, and then jump and spin in the air, before throwing his hands on both sides when landing on the ground.

Once his legs were placed on the floor, he yelled the word “! Si”.

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