“Cheaper and more realistic” .. Medical Supplies Division: Rely on


10:32 PM

Sunday 10 May 2020

Books- Moataz Abbas:

Sherif Ezzat, head of the Medical Devices and Supplies Division of the Federation of Industries, said that before the appearance of the Corona virus, the production volume of masks per day was 250 thousand masks, and now it is 750 thousand and is expected to reach one million medical masks per day.

Izzat stressed, “In a phone call to the” Cairo Now “program, broadcast on the” Al-Hadath Al-Youm “satellite channel, today, Sunday, that the medical mask does not prevent the transmission of the Corona virus to a person, but rather prevents the transmission of bacteria and flying mist from one person to another, resulting from sneezing and coughing, Noting that this mask is intended to achieve the primary protection of the person.

He pointed out that the Epidemiological Monitoring Center in America recommended citizens to wear cloth masks because they would be more realistic and better economically for the people, pointing out that citizens do not need more than a cloth mask with standard specifications that can be manufactured in one of the factories capable of producing it in Egypt which is cheaper than medical.

He added that distributing or selling medical gags to citizens at this cost is not healthy, and the price of a ton of gags filter increased from 3000 dollars to 50 thousand dollars per ton, adding: “Citizens must rely on the muzzle cloth for the next period and pay attention to the importance of social spacing.”

He noted that 500 thousand masks are supplied daily to the medical authorities, warning of the existence of “Bear ladder” factories that produce masks that do not meet specifications.

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