China announces “great strategic success” against Corona


Source: Beijing _ France Press

Chinese Prime Minister Li Kiqiang said at the opening of the National People’s Congress (NPC) Friday that China has made “major strategic achievements” in its response to the outbreak of the new Corona Virus that appeared late in 2019 in Wuhan (center).

“At the moment, the epidemic is not over,” he said, stressing the “tremendous task” that remains to be accomplished in the face of the economic consequences of the virus.

“We must redouble our efforts to reduce losses,” he told members of parliament.

On Friday, China decided not to set a growth target this year, in an unprecedented turmoil for the Asian giant.

The Chinese Prime Minister stated that “our country will face a number of factors that are difficult to predict” due to the Covid 19 pandemic and global conditions.

And the National Health Commission of China announced, Thursday, Record two cases of corona virus On Wednesday, compared to five cases the day before.

In one statement, the committee said that one of the two cases was infected locally in Shanghai, while the second infection was linked to a person who came from outside the country. To date, the total number of koruna infections in China has reached 82,967, while the deaths reached 4,634.

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