China-India border confrontation, and Trump offers mediation


Source: Arabic.Net – Agencies

Today, US President Donald Trump offered to mediate an ongoing confrontation between the Indian and Chinese armies in the disputed border areas between the two countries in the Himalayas.

There are several clashes between The two giant Asian powers Along the border between them stretching over 3,500 km, especially in the high Ladakh region in northern India.

And Trump wrote on his Twitter account:We informed India And China is that the United States is ready and willing and able to mediate or play the role of government in the current border dispute between them.

Indian security sources say hundreds of Chinese soldiers have entered a section of Ladakh in India claimed by China.

Two weeks ago, soldiers on both sides were injured when clashes of hands and stones occurred in the area of ​​Sikhim in eastern India. After that, there were no reports of any new violence.

Last week, the State Department’s South Asian Affairs official, Alice Wells, accused China of seeking to upset the regional balance, calling for a “resistance to aggression”.

And in 2017, it stood Indian and Chinese forces Face to face for 72 days in a strategic sector of the Himalayan region of Bhutan. At the time, negotiations allowed the tension to be resolved.

There are several geographical disputes between India and China in the sectors of Ladakh (West) and Arunachal Pradesh (East). A lightning war occurred between the two countries in 1962, in which the Indian forces were defeated.

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