China is the problem, not Trump. Do not tolerate


Source: Washington – Bandar Al-Doshi

Maria Partteromo, “Sunday Morning Futures” for Fox News, predicted that the 2020 presidential election will center around China, especially since the Corona virus is still negatively affecting the United States, a damage that is believed to be partly due to behavior. The irresponsible Chinese, a topic experts have expected to be debated for years due to the great damage China has caused to the world.

Yet Republican Senator Lindsey Graham says Democrats are not spending much time on this issue. He continued: “I think this election will be centered around China … most people understand what happened here and President (Donald) Trump has changed the tone on China.”

No democracy has come up with an idea to hold China accountable. China is the problem, not Trump

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham

“Look at this – the Democrats have turned the investigation issue from China into Trump, President Trump has made very good decisions, tough and consistent responses to the epidemic. Instead” no Democrat came up with any idea to hold China accountable for killing more than 60,000 Americans for By blocking information about the virus and getting 30 million Americans out of work because that’s what we had to do to probably save one million. ”

He added: “No Democrat came up with an idea to hold China accountable … China is the problem, not Trump.” He called on the Democratic Party to stand responsibly, saying “Do not tolerate China.”

Republican Vice President Jay Resenthaler said in an interview with Breitbart this weekend that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi preferred to investigate President Donald Trump again rather than focus on the actual cause of the Chinese coronavirus and the millions of dollars of US taxpayers that went To the Wuhan Virus Institute during the Obama era, where intelligence officials increasingly believe that the virus leaked from the Wuhan Institute.

He said that Pelosi and House Democrats are not interested in holding the CPC accountable, and instead, they want to focus their oversight efforts on hurting President Trump politically again as they tried and failed with the party removal last year and earlier this year.

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