China rejects the American suppression of the Huawei group


The Chinese government will firmly defend the rights of Chinese companies

Source: Beijing – France Press

Beijing called on the United States, on Saturday, to put an end to “the illogical suppression of Huawei and Chinese companies” after Washington announced new export control measures to reduce the telecom giant’s access to semiconductors.

“The Chinese government will firmly defend the rights and legitimate and legal interests of Chinese companies,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stressed that Trump’s actions “destroy the global networks of production, supply and evaluation.”

On Friday, the US administration announced a series of measures to reduce the ability of the Huawei group, which it considers a “threat to national security”, to develop semiconductors abroad using American technology.

“This announcement impedes Huawei’s efforts to circumvent export controls,” the US Commerce Department said in a statement.

The ministry announced that it had targeted “Huawei’s semiconductor purchases that were developed directly” thanks to the American know-how in software and technology.

Huawei is under heavy pressure from Washington, which has pressed its allies around the world to avoid buying the company’s communications equipment, raising security concerns, in light of the wider trade dispute between the United States and China.

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