China threatens … We will respond to any US move related to Hong Kong


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The relationship is still between China and the United States Which has been experiencing a crisis of months ago on several levels, starting with the Corona virus, which has ravaged the world, passing through the economy and Taiwan, continues to tension after the Hong Kong file recently joined the list of differences.

China announced on Friday that it would take any countermeasures it deems necessary if the United States insists on interfering in its affairs and takes action in response to Hong Kong’s National Security Law passed by the Chinese parliament on Thursday.

It also confirmed that it would not allow the United States to take the Security Council “hostage” over Hong Kong.

This was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Li Jian, who made the remarks in the daily press briefing.

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Quadruple statement upset

Zhao said that Beijing expressed its dissatisfaction with the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia, in response to a joint statement issued by the four countries criticizing Beijing for issuing this law.

However, China did not heed the American warnings, as it adopted the National Security Law despite the US insinuation announced by White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien a few days ago that the US administration will likely impose sanctions on China if Beijing applies the controversial law.

O’Brien also considered the draft law or bill as a complete acquisition of Hong Kong, which is autonomous.

Hong Kong demonstrations
Hong Kong demonstrations

Waving sanctions

He suggested that this step would lead to sanctions against China under the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019”, warning that Hong Kong with this law may lose its position as a major center of global finance, and said: “It is difficult to see how Hong Kong can remain It is the Asian financial center if taken over by Beijing. ”

It is expected that US President Donald Trump will announce in his press conference to be held later the steps that the administration will take against Beijing after the law is passed.

Hong Kong demonstrations
Hong Kong demonstrations

China: No to interference

However, China has always responded violently to this controversy, stressing that the Hong Kong issue is an internal issue, and no outside party is allowed to interfere in it.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also considered that the new legislation would have no impact on freedoms, rights or interests of foreign companies in the city. He added at his annual press conference a few days ago, that instead of worrying, people should feel more confident in Hong Kong’s stability.

From Hong Kong (May 24, 2020 - AFP)
From Hong Kong (May 24, 2020 – AFP)

Many in Hong Kong and in the West fear that the project will deal a devastating blow to freedoms in the city.

On Wednesday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Congress that Hong Kong is no longer self-governing, which strips this financial center of its distinctive trade rights under US law.

“Hong Kong is no longer eligible for the same treatment that US laws had guaranteed it before July 1997,” Pompeo said in a statement.

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