Claims to prevent Diana Karazon from entering Saudi Arabia due to an “admiration mark”


Jordanian actress Diana Karazon was attacked by “Twitter” because of her admiration for a cartoon by Osama Hajjaj, which he published on his Twitter account under the title “Gulf normalization drama”.

Dianas fans demanded that the admiration and apology be canceled, and they launched the hashtag # Diana_Kronz_Association_Gulf_ naturally, during which they demanded that she be prevented from entering Saudi Arabia because of her abuse, as they said. Diana responded to the public’s request and removed the mark of admiration without formal or explicit comment on what happened.

It is noteworthy that Diana announced a few days ago her marriage contract with Jordanian broadcaster Moaz Al-Omari, and said that she would marry without marriage due to the spread of Corona virus and the current conditions that all countries of the world are going through.

Archival video:

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