Cooperation between Iran and Venezuela, stopping the “drug Trump” experiences and the effect of the weather improvement on the commitment to the general closure


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Oil-rich Venezuela is now heavily dependent on imports (archive photo)

The Corona virus and its humanitarian and economic consequences continue to receive widespread attention in British newspapers, but it has also shown interest in the rapprochement between Iran and Venezuela despite US warnings.

In a lengthy report, The Independent newspaper followed up the details of the arrival of shipments of Iranian petrochemical products to Venezuela, despite American statements against what the newspaper described as “a deal of broader prosperity in relations between some Middle Eastern countries and Latin American countries.”

And the newspaper considers that “the arrival of these fuel shipments is a link in a long series of geopolitical fluctuations for the Trump administration and an interconnected team of Washington hawks who control the plans of the White House in the Middle East and Latin America.”

According to the newspaper’s correspondent for international affairs “Borzo Daragahi”, instead of the goals of the “maximum pressure” campaigns directed against Tehran and Caracas to limit the influence of the two regimes in them, “the two countries today openly cooperate with each other, and publicly celebrate their defiance of US goals and maneuvers.”

The report reviews the details of the journey of the four Iranian ships, and the American threats to target them, claiming that Iran is trying to save Venezuela, then it is attributed to experts saying: “Any American ship did not move towards the tankers because it was making its way through the two hemispheres, and the ships reached Venezuelan waters without delay or Turn its course. ”

In exchange for fuel, the correspondent states, Iran received nearly $ 500 million from Mahan Air in late April, in a deal that went beyond US sanctions.

The report discusses in more detail the role of “Mahan”, which is subject to US sanctions, in promoting “the economic and political partnership between Tehran and both the government of the Syrian president and the government in Caracas.”

Moreover, the report goes on to say that some analysts believe that Iran is helping Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro “in designing his security services to fight protests against his rule” and that “Maduro is helping Lebanon’s Iranian-backed Hezbollah militia support its activities in Latin America.”

And the “The Independent” report quotes Heather Hildman, a former US State Department official, that both regimes in Tehran and Caracas “are struggling to cling to power, and both are positioning themselves for various reasons as an opponent of the United States.”

The “Independent report” states that “Venezuela, which has the largest oil reserves in the world, imports refined products from the Gulf countries in what can be considered a catastrophic turn for a country suffering from economic collapse as a result of US sanctions and years of mismanagement.”

Hydroxychloroquine tests suspended

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And in the “Daily Mail” we follow a part of the debate about “suspending the clinical trial of the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine in patients with coronavirus amid safety concerns.”

The newspaper states that “hydroxychloroquine was promoted by US President Donald Trump and even revealed that he took the drug for two weeks as a preventive treatment.”

But the World Health Organization, according to the newspaper, said “she is concerned after a study published in The Lancet on Friday revealed a high mortality rate among those taking the drug” from those with Covid 19.

“They are suspending the use of hydroxychloroquine in the WHO-sponsored trials, which aim to assess the safety and efficacy of four drugs and other drug combinations against the virus,” the newspaper quotes researchers.

Does improved weather break the closure rules?

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Even before British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced details of the measures to be implemented to gradually alleviate the general closure measures that have been going on for weeks, especially in the schools and educational facilities sector, the Sun newspaper pointed to what appears to be a societal enthusiasm to overcome the state of the closure and return to normal life.

The newspaper monitors in a report for its anchor, “Ilhan Kendried”, that many residents in several British cities and their families went out to the beaches to “enjoy the weather” as temperatures reached 20 degrees Celsius by 10 am.

It was also noticed many remarkably practiced “morning exercises, including walking and jogging for long distances”, especially in coastal cities.

In parallel, “community safety officers marched along the busy beaches,” according to the newspaper’s correspondent.

This comes despite the authorities ’warnings to citizens to preserve the policy of divergence, and to guard against fluctuations in weather conditions, but the matter seems to reflect various convictions of many of the population, chief among them the need to“ coexist ”with the epidemic by using the means of prevention and divergence as possible, especially in light of Failure to reach the vaccine or treatment for the virus in the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, the newspaper says, “the British are still warned to stay away from the beaches and continue to adhere to the rules of social separation” even as the sun continues to weather.

Cummings issue interactions

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For the second day in a row, the debate continued in the British press remarkably about whether Dominic Cummings, the chief adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, should resign from his position on the background of traveling 260 miles during the general closure, in order to “help his child and wife.”

The Prime Minister said that Cummings “acted with responsibility, legal and impartiality,” as Cummings said in a statement to reporters in the Garden of the Council of Ministers, “He does not regret what he did,” justifying that “his four-year-old son was taken to hospital while he was self-isolated on a farm His family is in Durham, “but the Mirror” newspaper indicates that the “Durham” police to whom Cummings is directed may open an investigation to “prove the facts” about whether the man violated the rules of closure.

Simon Jenkins, one of the writers at The Guardian, says Cummings’ travel to the north of the country during the closing period was “against the established rules” that he should have been “the first to abide by.”

The writer acknowledges that these rules were strict, but “did not exclude anyone.” The writer adds that Cummings “apologized to me and issued a broader statement in this sense” then he added that “these are difficult times for all of us” and I hope that he can join our efforts to overcome this period He is not a minister, “but at the moment I don’t see an advantage in losing a trusted assistant and disrupting Downing Street’s leadership at this critical juncture. We simply have to go ahead and chart our way forward.”

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