Corona has the highest cure rate in individuals between the ages of 30-39 years


I reviewed the doctor Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, the current position of confrontational efforts Corona Virus In Egypt, in relation to the total number of casualties, new cases of infection, the number of cases of recovery, cases whose outcome has turned from positive to negative, the number of new deaths, as well as the total number of deaths so far.
This came during a meeting Council of Ministers Today, headed by Dr. Mostafa Madbouly.
During the meeting, the Minister reviewed the incidence rate of Corona Virus For every million cases in all governorates of the Republic, explaining that a comparison was made between the numbers of cases transferred from sorting hospitals to different isolation and hostel hospitals in the period from May 6 to 12 this month, where isolation hospitals received 59% of cases, while the hostel hosted 41% of cases The average isolation days in hospitals was 11.6 days, in hospitals: Friendship, May 15, Al-Najila, Abu Khalifa, Al-Ajmi, Esna, Qaha, Baltim, Agouza, Tame Al-Amdid, Zaid Al Nahyan, Abu Tig, and Heliopolis.

The Minister reviewed the case-recovery rates according to the age group, which came at the highest levels in individuals aged 30-39 years at a rate of 318 cases, followed by the age group 40-49 years with a recovery rate of 288 cases.

During the meeting, the minister pointed out the financial cost of trips stranded Egyptians abroad that were quarantined by the quarantine authorities from May 3 to 9, in each of the governorates of Matrouh, Cairo, Red Sea, Damietta, Suez, Port Said, Aswan , South Sinai, Alexandria, and Giza, which amounted to about 28 million pounds, which included conducting rapid examination analyzes, PCR, and medical services in isolation places.

Dr. Hala Zayed reviewed the state’s plan to maintain the provision of health services while facing an illness Coved 19, Which is represented in six axes that include governance and crisis management, organizing the process of providing health services represented in: organizing work in outpatient clinics, activating the visual screening of the patient, carrying out examination, screening and referral at all levels, and the plan also includes preserving and redistributing manpower, and defining mechanisms To maintain the availability of medicines and equipment, the fifth and sixth axis of the plan referred to the awareness and training components.
According to what the Minister presented, the aforementioned plan aims to reduce the spread of infection among citizens within health facilities while providing basic health services during an outbreak Corona pandemic Monitor and follow-up on suspected and less suspected cases, and maintain the safety of health service providers.

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