Corona in 24 hours An unprecedented jump in Egypt .. Trump says “Core.”


Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

Over the past 24 hours, Egypt and the world have witnessed a number of important events associated with the emerging crisis of the outbreak of the Corona virus, in which the death toll has exceeded 4 million people worldwide.

The most important of these news was that Egypt recorded an unprecedented leap in the number of infections after recording 495 new cases that proved positive for its laboratory analyzes of the virus, including two foreigners, as part of the ministry’s surveillance and investigation procedures according to WHO guidelines, and the death of 21 new cases.

On Friday, US President Donald Trump also reiterated his optimistic assurances that the Coronavirus “will end” considering that this will happen, even without the production of a vaccine against it, Sky News reported.

Trump said: I feel that the epidemic will disappear even without developing a vaccine for it. It will end after a certain period and will not return again. It may reappear in the fall or next year, but it will end anyway. ”

In Kuwait, the authorities announced the implementation of a comprehensive ban across the country to counter the global pandemic. Kuwaiti Interior Minister Anas Al-Saleh said that the vital service sectors are exempt from the ban, including the ministries of electricity, oil, and municipality, in addition to the private sector companies that serve these vital activities.

In the following report, Masrawy provides the most important news:

An unprecedented jump .. Health: 495 cases of “corona” were recorded .. and 21 deaths

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Egypt will provide it soon .. Coronas experimental treatment may reach 70,000 pounds

The death of an Egyptian doctor with Corona virus in Kuwait .. And our ambassador: presented his soul for the sake of duty

After the emergence of Corona cases .. 500 families were isolated in the village of Caesarea in Mahalla al-Kubra – Tire

Video .. Coronas first recoverer in “Isolation of Zagazig” tells his story with the emerging virus

From one family .. “Kafr El-Sheikh Health” records 3 cases of infection with the Corona virus

Adeeb calls on the state to implement violent measures to confront Corona

“Two healthy children” .. Two births in El-Agouza Hospital for isolation (photos)

The Houthis announced the registration of a second confirmed case of the Corona virus in Sanaa

The number of corona infections in the world exceeds 4 million

Trump: Corona will disappear “even without a vaccine”

Reuters: Infiltrators linked to Iran have targeted a company that develops treatment for Corona

Is the person’s voice a first sign of corona infection?

The White House confirms that one of the members of Vice President Mike Pence’s team has been infected with the Corona virus

Extending the comprehensive closure in Khartoum for 10 days

Trump: The final number of corona deaths in America could reach 95,000

“World Health” denies the effect of heat or cold on corona

Because of Coruna … Swiss restaurants are asking their customers to leave their names and phone numbers

Chinese pharmaceutical company: 8 countries agree to drug against Corona .. treat 90%

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