Corona infection has accelerated in Germany … and fears that the virus will spin out of control


The rate of new cases of coronavirus in Germany has accelerated again, just days after the restrictions on social separation were reduced, raising fears that the pandemic could spin out of control again.

The Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases Control said in its daily report that the number of people who are infected with each infection, known as the rate of spreading infection, has risen to 1.1 and since it has risen from one, this means that the number of new infections is increasing.Chancellor Angela Merkel succumbed to pressure from German state leaders to return to social life and revive the economy, and announced on Wednesday measures that include opening more stores and gradually returning to study.

However, at the same time, it has put in place a mechanism that allows the restrictions to be re-imposed if the cases of infection increase again.

And the data of the Robert Koch Institute on Sunday showed that the confirmed cases of Corona virus in the country rose 667 cases, to a total of 169,218 cases.

The number of deaths increased by 26 to a total of 7,395.

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