Corona: Sudan’s injuries increased, Bahrain retreated and Mauritania tightened



Sudan has reported 302 new cases of the emerging coronavirus, and 8 deaths, according to an epidemiological report released on Saturday evening.

The total number of HIV infections in Sudan increased to 2591 cases, including 105 deaths, while 247 cases were recovered.

Significant decline in Bahrain

In Bahrain, the Bahraini Ministry of Health announced that it recorded 290 new cases of coronavirus, while the total deaths stabilized in 12 cases.

Manama recorded 195 recovery, and the Ministry confirmed that the observed daily casualty rates decreased.

from Bahrain
from Bahrain

And Bahrain witnessed a week that set records for the number of injuries and the number of deaths, forcing the official authorities to increase the capacity of the isolation and treatment centers.

A new death in Oman

In the Sultanate of Oman, the Ministry of Health announced the death of a person with Corona disease, bringing the number of deaths from Covid-19 in the Sultanate to 23.

The Ministry also announced the registration of 193 new infections, bringing the total to 5379 cases.

Strengthening procedures in Mauritania

For its part, the Mauritanian government decided to reinforce the measures to isolate the capital, Nouakchott, after the appearance of nearly 50 cases of Corona virus in the city in recent days. The task of implementing the decision was assigned to the army that entered the battle to fight the epidemic.

From Mauritania
From Mauritania

In the same context, the Mauritanian Ministry of Health announced that it has begun to use the rapid examination to diagnose people infected with Coronavirus, at a time when the World Health Organization announced that the country entered the stage of the epidemic, after the number of infections in the country reached 62 confirmed cases.

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The Corona virus has killed at least 313,611 people worldwide since it appeared in China in December, according to a toll prepared by “Agence France Presse” at 19:00 GMT, Sunday, according to official sources.

More than 4 million and 680,700 infections were officially recorded in 196 countries and regions. The statistics only reflect part of the actual number of infections, as many countries do not conduct tests to detect the virus except for the most dangerous cases. And between these cases, one million and 670 thousand and one hundred people were among those recovering.

Since the census, which was conducted Saturday, 19:00 GMT, there have been 4315 deaths and 91,849 new infections worldwide.

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