Corona Virus: 120,000 CDs that reflect the light in a salutation to health workers



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A British artist is working to turn a hill into a place sparkling with light reflections, using about 120,000 old and used CDs, as part of a work of art by saluting health workers who are fighting the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Artist Bruce Monroe performed the artwork by extending a long strip of these discs to reflect the light along the Long Knoll Hill in Wiltshire County, western Britain.

The artist had done another work in 2013, in which he transformed a calcia mound into a huge enlightening chest, for the UK Cancer Charity UK.

In 2009, he did work creating a “inner lake” in a field near these hills, using about 600,000 spent CDs.

“So far we have managed to put 4,000 tablets, and we’re going on our way” to complete the rest, he says.

The work will appear as a reflective strip that extends over a distance of 1650 meters along a walkway in the area.

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Bruce Munro

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The artist and his two daughters tied the discs to a fence on the hill

Image source
Bruce Munro

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The work appears as a reflective tape that extends over a distance of 1650 meters

Monroe notes that his work is “a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the NHS staff and volunteers” in the face of the Corona epidemic.

Monroe explains that the idea of ​​the job floated in his mind while walking in the area three weeks ago.

“I felt pointless sitting here, and I listen to the news of all those National Health Service workers who risk their lives on the frontline” with the virus, he says.

“During my daily routine, I looked at the fence and thought that I could do something to lift people’s morale.”

Monroe and his two daughters carried bags full of disposable disks to one of the “highest places in the Wiltshire hills” to connect these disks with fence wires throughout the past week.

The artist believes that it will take about three to four months for the entire work to be completed.

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Bruce Munro

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It is expected that this lampshade will remain in place after its implementation is completed for about a year

“We have tied about 4,000 and we have only 6,000 ready, and we still have a long way to go,” he says.

“But I hope that the work will offer something of pleasure and some light.”

It is expected that this lamp reflector will remain in place after the completion of its implementation for about a year.

In addition to inviting people to donate the thousands of used CDs and DVDs they do not want, the artist also urged them to donate funds to support charitable organizations that are active in strengthening the work of the National Health Authority in Britain.

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