Corona Virus: British Prime Minister announces a new epidemic warning system


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce a new Corona Epidemic Warning System that will be introduced in the country to monitor the outbreak.

Johnson announces the new system in his speech on Sunday, as the system for assessing the severity of the epidemic consists of five degrees.

Andwithout Johnson is expected to provide a specific date to ease the closure procedures during Sunday’s scheduled speech to inform the people of the epidemic developments And the government’s plan to ease closures.

The new system will be applied in England only, but the government is working to put in place similar systems in the rest of the UK.

It appears that the system that classifies the stages of risk from the Corona epidemic between green to the lowest degree and red as the most extreme would be similar to the warning system for the risk of terrorist operations.

Johnson is expected to announce that the country is currently in the fourth degree within the new system, which will be managed by a joint security committee that will follow up the severity of the epidemic in different regions of the country., This means that the degree of danger in a city may be different from the rest of the country.

The British government emergency committee “Cobra” is scheduled to hold a meeting that includes the Mayor of London and government representatives to discuss the latest developments and plans to tackle the epidemic prior to Johnson’s Sunday speech andsession Parliament on Monday.

“Peak cross”

The Prime Minister is set to warn the nation that the UK is entering the “most dangerous” phase of the battle against the virus, according to the newspaper. The Sun En Sunday.

He told the newspaper: “We have now reached the climax, but we will have to work harder to get each step right.

He added “Mountaineers always say aGetting off the top is the most dangerous thing. Then you are vulnerable to overconfidence and error.

And he said “You have very few options to climb – but you have to make sure that you don’t run too fast and lose control andTbog down.”

In the meantime, Transport Minister Grant Shabes warned on Saturday that the government will be sixMove With great caution “when lifting the closing procedures.

And in his speech at the press conference thSat about the developments of a pervasiveFor a virus, he said to move to Stage Post Covid-19 It wouldn’t be “one jump for freedom”, Pledging to allocate £ 250m to improve cycling and walking infrastructure in the coming weeks.

Shabes also refused to confirm if What Was going to be Activating system work A 14-day quarantine for people arriving in the UK, saying that he will wait for Johnson to address the nation on Sunday.

Another 346 deaths were recorded in Ferros In the UK on Saturday, bringing the number The deaths Total to 31587 cases.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare confirmed that 50,000 samples of corona virus tests Sent to The United States earlier this week after problems in UK laboratories.

A spokesman said In the name of the ministry The expansion Circle Testat The virus in Britain involved the establishment of a laboratory networkat “Totally new,” he added at “Emergency” Send out Smears to the outside when “Talk Problems”.

This comes as the government fails to reach its daily test target of 100,000 for the seventh consecutive day. 96,878 tests were delivered within 24 hours until 09:00 British daylight saving time on Friday.

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