Corona Virus: Chinese media respond to Mike Pompeo and “Wuhan lab theory” in spreading the epidemic


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Pompeo did not elaborate on the “evidence” that he says is numerous in his meeting with ABC

Official Chinese media have accused the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, of lying, after saying that there is “multiple evidence” that the Coruna virus was released from a laboratory in Wuhan.

Pompeo made the announcement on the origin of the Corona virus on Sunday, without giving any details.

The hardline Global Times of China said on Tuesday in an editorial that Pompeo was “degenerate”.

The World Health Organization says the US allegations are “speculation”, and that it has seen no “specific evidence”.

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What do the Chinese media say?

The Chinese medias editorials often provide an in-depth look at the direction of government thinking, but so far there has been no official response to Pompeos comments.

Global Times on Monday accused Pompeo of chanting “unreasonable theories and twisted facts”, and Tuesday continued its offensive.

“Pompeo aims to hit two birds with one stone and vomit void,” she said.

She added, “Firstly, he hopes that Trump will help him in his re-election in November … Secondly, Pompeo hates socialist China and in particular he does not accept the rise of China.”

The editorial acknowledged that there were “initial problems” in Chinas response to the spread of the virus, but claimed that “the overall performance was bright enough to outgrow the flaws.”

She also said that “the virus could have infected people other than Wuhan.”

Global Times was not the only newspaper targeting Pompeo and the United States.

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The People’s Daily newspaper said Pompeo “had no evidence”, while the website of the CTV station accused him of “heinous conspiracy”.

What does Mike Pompeo say?

Pompeo said in an interview with ABC on Sunday that there is “several evidence” that the virus appeared at the Wuhan Virus Institute.

“Remember, China has a history of infecting the world with infection, and they have a history of running under-laboratory laboratories,” he added.

Pompeo, who ran the CIA, said he did not believe the virus was man-made, or that it was genetically modified.

Wuhan Laboratory is famous for its study of corona virus in bats. In April, President Trump was asked if what allowed such a virus to escape by a female trainee and her boyfriend was “lax security.”

Trump did not confirm this theory, but said: “This is heard a lot.”

Last week, the president was asked if he had seen evidence “he has great confidence” that the virus was released from the Wuhan laboratory.

He replied: “Yes, I have.” But he said he could not go into details.

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The Washington Post reported last month that US officials visited the laboratory in January 2018 and, upon their return, expressed their concerns.

What do the experts say?

Michael Raine, WHO’s director of emergency, said on Monday that the organization had not received “any specific evidence or data” from the United States about the origin of the virus.

“From our perspective, this is still just speculation,” he added.

Last week, US intelligence agencies said they “agreed” that the virus was “not a human-made, and not a genetically modified,”.

But she said she would “continue to check” whether the virus had started by transmitting “infection from an infected animal, or if it was the result of an accident in the Wuhan laboratory.”

Western “intelligence sources” told a number of media outlets that “there is no evidence” indicating that the virus leaked from a laboratory.

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