Corona Virus: Johnson confirms that it is not yet time to end the general closure in Britain


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined his plans for how the general closure will continue in the country.

This comes after it unveiled an alert system to categorize the level of the threat of coronavirus in England.

Johnson disclosed the details of this system, on a scale from 1 to 5, and replaced the slogan: “Stay in your homes, maintain the health service system and save lives” with the slogan: “Stay alert, control the virus and save lives.”

The Prime Minister also said that people who cannot work from home should return to the workplace – but while avoiding public transportation.

He said that the new five-level alert system will govern how quickly restrictions of closures are relaxed.

He also expressed the hope that the next step “as soon as possible by June 1” would be for some students to return to their schools in England and reopen stores – but he warned that this scenario would only happen if supported by reliable scientific data.

The next step could also witness the reopening of some hotels and other public places.

“It is not yet time to end the closure this week,” Johnson added.

The British Aviation Authority warns against delaying compensation for tickets canceled due to Corona

Britain “those coming from abroad will be quarantined for 14 days”

Explaining the conditions in which schools and shops will be reopened, Johnson said, “Throughout this period of the next two months, we will not only move on the basis of hope or economic need, but rather we will act on the advice of science, the status of the health service, and the truth of the data we have regarding the numbers of deaths and injuries.”

“I must stress again that all of this is conditional, and it all depends on a series of great possibilities.”

He also said: “Those who cannot work from their homes should now be encouraged to return to the workplaces – but they should avoid using public transport to get there if they can.”

Johnson also mentioned construction and manufacturing as examples of industries that would encourage the government to return to business.

Workplaces will receive guidance on how to survive “safe killer virus environments”.

The Prime Minister also said that he would go to impose a quarantine on people coming to the country by air.

The “Stay in Your Home” advice will remain in effect in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland after the leaders of the three countries in the UK said that Johnson had not consulted them about his new speech.

The first minister in Scotland, Nicolas Sterngen, said that the only change that will affect the general closure in Scotland is to allow people to exercise more than once a day, starting tomorrow, Monday.

Return to work is a “dilemma” facing the UK government

Today, Sunday, 269 people died in Britain after they were diagnosed with the Coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths recorded to 31,855.

Observers say the number of recorded deaths always tends to decrease over the weekend due to delays in registrations.

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