Corona Virus: Russian Prime Minister infected with Coved 19 and temporarily stopped his duties


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Russian television showed scenes showing him informing President Vladimir Putin of his HIV infections

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Michaustin was hospitalized after he was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Medical examinations proved positive for the infection of Michelin on the same day that Russia set a record in terms of the number of new infections, which amounted to 7099 cases, bringing the total number of coronavirus infections throughout the country to more than 100,000 cases.

Michustin took over as prime minister last January, and has actively participated in measures taken by Russia to combat the epidemic.

Russian television showed scenes showing him informing President Vladimir Putin of his HIV infections.

The Prime Minister said during a video call: “I learned that the results of my corona virus detection tests were positive.”

Mishustin suggested that he should act on his behalf, Andrei Belusov, the first deputy prime minister, and Putin agreed, and Mishustin will now enter into self-isolation.

“What happened to you could happen to anyone,” Putin told him. “This is what I always say.”

He added: “You are a very active person. I thank you for all the work done so far.”

Despite the sharp increase in the total number of cases, the Corona Virus Follow-up Center in Moscow said that Russia had recorded 1073 deaths so far due to infection with the Coruna virus, which is a relatively low number for the size of the country.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russias response to the epidemic had been coupled with a repeat of the “Italian scenario”.

However, Putin warned this week that Russia does not have enough equipment to protect medical personnel, while doctors in many areas have complained of insufficient protection vests.

Sergei Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, said he believed many who lived in the Russian capital were not aware of the seriousness of the situation.

He added that he monitored many citizens’ violations of the restrictions imposed by the country, estimating that his city contributes a quarter of the outcome to the crisis.

He said: “If we monitor the improvement of things, we will loosen the restrictions, of course, but until that happens, you must have courage and patience, and this is very important for you and your health.”

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