Corona Virus: Saudi Arabia isolates Dammam’s second industrial city


Saudi authorities isolate an industrial area in Dammam

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The authorities in Saudi Arabia decided to isolate an industrial zone in the city of Dammam, in the east of the kingdom, in an attempt to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

Starting from Sunday, it becomes forbidden to enter and exit the second industrial city in Dammam until further notice, according to the official news agency, quoting a source in the Ministry of Interior.

Shipping and freight transport operations will be excluded from these procedures.

The “vital factories” of the second industrial city will also operate at a third of their capacity, according to the official.

Gulf states implement closure measures in areas full of cheap labor, the majority of whom are foreigners.

Meanwhile, Saudi Finance Minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan said the kingdom is ready to take painful measures in dealing with the economic consequences of the epidemic.

Al-Jadaan explained that “all options for dealing with the crisis are currently open,” noting that the Saudi government is considering postponing huge projects in an attempt to reduce spending.

Observers say that such measures would negatively affect the pace and level of economic reforms in the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia recorded 25,459 cases and 176 deaths due to infection with the Corona virus.

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