Corona Virus: The epidemic disrupts work in the world’s largest gold mine


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South Africa is still one of the largest gold-producing countries in the world.

Excavation work was suspended in the world’s deepest gold mine, in South Africa, after 164 Corona injuries were discovered among his workers.

Excavations resumed at the Maponging mine last month, after being suspended in all the country’s mines in March, as a result of the general closure, to contain the outbreak of the epidemic.

The mine was operating at half its production capacity, but some workers expressed concern about their safety. Note that most of those who have been confirmed by laboratory tests did not show any symptoms.

According to the owner of the mine, all the injured were placed in isolation. The company announced that 650 workers underwent laboratory tests, after discovering the first case in the mine, last week.

South Africa recorded the highest rate of corona infections in Africa, with 21,343 confirmed cases, and 407 deaths – less than other African countries such as Egypt and Algeria.

The Maaponing Mine is located about 75 km southwest of the capital, Johannesburg, and has a depth of about 4 km underground.

According to the owner company, electronic tracking techniques were used in the event of the loss of a worker. This technique helped to map the friction between workers, to track the way the virus spread between them.

The company said in a statement, that the works were suspended in the mine “temporarily”, pending the completion of the tracing of the spread of infection, and the location was sterilized.

The BBC’s Africa Africa editor Will Ross says that the outbreak in the Mabouning mine comes after it spread to a platinum mine, which puts the South African government in trouble, along with the mine operators.

South African mines have always been hotbeds for the spread of infectious epidemics, such as tuberculosis and AIDS, because their workers carry out excavation work at close distances to each other, deep in the ground.

South Africa is still one of the largest gold-producing countries in the world. Although the sector has declined relatively during the past years, it remains a vital part of the country’s economy.

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