Corona Virus: The lowest daily death toll in the United States, and news of a Saudi decision to cut salaries and end employment contracts


A French doctor said
A patient who was diagnosed with pneumonia near Paris on December 27
Last December, he was infected with the Corona virus.

Dr. Eve said
Cohen to French media, the sample taken at the time from the patient was done
Recently tested, it was positive for Covid 19 disease.

This means that
The virus may have reached Europe about a month ago than previously thought might change
Understand how it spreads.

And he was patient
The 43-year-old was hospitalized in December as a result
He had a dry cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, that is, four days before informing an organization office
Global health in China discovered cases of pneumonia of an unknown cause in Wuhan

And the patient said,
Who has fully recovered since then, he has no idea where he was infected with the virus
He also did not visit any affected areas at the time.

He did not travel this
The patient to any destination before the symptoms of the injury appeared, and according to the doctor, two of his sons were injured
Illness, but his wife did not show any symptoms.

The attending physician indicated that the patient’s wife was
She works in a supermarket near Charles de Gaulle Airport what it means to be
I contacted people who had recently arrived from China.

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