Corona virus warning for all smokers


Opinions have recently diverged over the possibility of smokers being infected with the Corona virus (Covid-19). Where smoking is known to gradually destroy the respiratory system and reduce immunity, on the other hand, according to data from coronavirus resistance, the first weapon before it is immunity. Thus smokers are the first groups to be susceptible to infection alongside those with chronic diseases. This has been indicated by some studies, which are the secret behind these failures that there is a strange relationship between smoking and Covid-19 has not been revealed mystery yet, but the vast majority come to certify that smokers are susceptible to infection in a manner Bigger than non-smokers with the pandemic.

A stern warning to smokers from infection with the Coronavirus

Dr. Ayman El-Sayed Salem, Head of Chest Diseases Department of Kasr El-Ainy Medicine, indicated in an interview with “Sabah Masry” broadcast on MBC Egypt 2 that the human body is able to overcome Covid-19 with 80% of cases, but The smoker has a different position in terms of coronavirus infection. Smoke enters the entire respiratory system and affects every place where this epidemic is going.

Dr. Ayman Salem added that smoking leads to bronchitis, which leads to narrowing of the narrowed airways in the first place, and thus the arrival of air in it becomes difficult. He has indicated that lung tissue is affected and increases over time with a long-term smoker, and therefore the respiratory system is depleted and easy prey. Corona virus.

Smokers weakness in the face of infection with Corona virus

Dr. Ayman Salem stated that there are cells known as itinerant guards in every human being that face every gas or microbe that enters the respiratory system, and that these cells are depleted in the case of smokers due to their consumption of the large number of smoke that enters them from time to time. Thus there is no immune front in the lung of the smoker against coronavirus Or even normal bacteria.

Smokers weakness in the face of infection with Corona virus
Smokers’ vulnerability to HIV infection

Hence, it calls on all doctors and chest specialists specifically during the global crisis of the Corona virus, that every smoker quit smoking immediately, and take advantage of it as an opportunity to quit it completely, because it is a reason to eliminate his life in all circumstances, whether Invading the virus Or without it. Smokers must stop smoking during the current period in order to preserve their and their families ’lives.

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