“Covid 19” is pushing Jeff Bezos toward the nickname “Trillionaire of the Age” – Economist – World Today


Jeff Bezos fortune suddenly caught the attention of Twitter followers amid “allegations” that the richest man in the world would become a trillionair, in part due to the demand driven by the spread of the “Covid 19” epidemic, which led to the rise in shares of “Amazon” according to a report published by “Forbes”.

Al-Tawasul was recently caught on the backdrop of a months-long study by Compresson, a small business consulting platform that reappeared recently, claiming that Bezos net worth could reach $ 1 trillion by 2026.

The American magazine report said that the company analyzed the market value of the most valuable companies on the New York Stock Exchange, in addition to the 25 richest people in the Forbes list of the world’s rich. Chinese real estate tycoon Xu Jiayin ranked second in the study list. However, “Forbes” said it was a long way from Bezos to become the first trillionaire in the world.

At the time of preparing the report, the magazine estimated the net worth of the 56-year-old billionaire at about $ 143 billion, as he owns 11.2% of Amazon, and his wealth rose from $ 125 billion in March. It is expected that «Amazon» will be one of the most benefited and profitable against the backdrop of the spread of «Coved 19» as the demand for online shopping increases.



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