Dakahlia Governor reveals new details about his infection with Corona virus .. video


He said Doctor Aimen selected governor Dakahlia, it’s a Poetry Symptomatic Strange Describing thatSuddenly I felt I am not I.. And me Tired Not able I do Exertion.. So I suspected at The matter“.

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He added Doctor Ayman Mukhtar During Statements TV, it’s a distance How he feels Symptomatic Strange he decided Connection Agent Ministry the health In the governorate To check On His condition Health.

He continued governor Dakahlia, it’s a Order From agent Ministry the health In the governorate, Action Tinge for him; To reveal About His condition Health, And indeed She came calendar Anointing Positive With a virus Sk.

And Dr. Ayman Mukhtar explained, that Manager Management The environment In the governorate, Appeared on him Yesterday, Syndrome virus Corona, And yet Action Tinge for him And indeed She came calendar Anointing aPositive.

Pointed out to me it’s a Done Action Smears For all Contacts for him From first His deputy, Even Remainder Whose they were They mix it Daily By virtue of the work, Explaining aNh Done Implementation of all aWorkers Sterilization And disinfection From virus Sk.

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