Despite the WHO warning … Madagascar is marketing an organic “treatment” for Corona


Source: Tananarev – Reuters

Madagascar has put up for sale what it claims to be a “plant-based” treatment It treats Covid-19 disease Caused by infection of the emerging corona virus. Several African countries have already submitted orders to buy this mixture, despite warnings from the World Health Organization that it has not yet been confirmed its effectiveness.

Madagascar President Andre Rajoelina announced “treatment” at a news conference last month He appeared sipping a chic bottle filled with yellow liquid The color said he had already treated two.

On Friday, a delegation from Tanzania arrived in Madagascar to obtain its order from the alleged “medicine”.

The mixture, which relies on wormwood and has anti-malarial properties, was not subject to any Internationally recognized scientific tests. While Rajoelina praised its benefits, the World Health Organization has warned that it needs to take a test to confirm the effectiveness of “treatment” and its side effects.

Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia and Guinea-Bissau have already obtained thousands of free doses of this “organic drug”.

Tanzanias president rejects Corona tests

In a related context, the Tanzanian President, John Majovole, questioned the quality of imported SKV test devices, while expressing confidence in the said herbal mixture.

Although the World Health Organization praised the efforts of African countries to combat the virus, the Tanzanian president faced criticism for his refusal to close the markets and places of worship.

The Tanzanian President called for an investigation of the results of the national laboratories because some of the tests that were conducted on samples of fruits and animals were positive. He said that this proves that there are people who are not infected with the virus who are diagnosed as patients.

For his part, the head of the African Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rejected on Thursday the Tanzanian president’s assertion that the Corona virus testing equipment in his country was defective.

“We know that the examination equipment used by Tanzania is working very well,” Doctor John Nkengasung told reporters at a conference call.

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