Details of a lawyer running over an officer in an ambush in Mansoura during the ban Video


The journalist Ahmed Moussa revealed the details of the Mansoura incident, during which a lawyer ran over a police officer while he was in the ambush during the embargo times, as documented by pharmacy cameras opposite the ambush.

Moussa added, during the presentation of the program “On My Responsibility”, broadcast on the Echo Channel of the country, that the lawyer is a man of law and must respect the law, adding “one with no feather on his head and no one above the law.”

He continued: The mistake must be held accountable, denouncing the protest made by the number of lawyers objecting to the injustice of their colleague, calling on Rajae Attia, the head of the Bar Association, to take action against the violators.

The journalist, Ahmed Moussa, added that the lawyer wanted to photograph the ambush, and it is forbidden, because the police are targeted, wondering why he wanted to imagine the ambush.

He continued, “We have an independent public prosecutor who applies the law to everyone,” stressing that the lawyer committed 3 crimes because he encroached on a public official during the performance of his work, and that he is not exempt from the curfew and was walking the times of the ban.

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