Details of Mohamed Mounir performing accurate orthopedic surgery … and a letter from King


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King Mohamed Mounir performed accurate bone surgery, which was completely successful under the auspices of Major General Mustafa Abu Habtab, Director of the International Medical Center, and performed precise surgery, Major General Surgeon General Raouf Al-Abbasi, and supervised the anesthesia team, Major General Hani Naguib.

The King thanked and appreciated all the doctors and nursing staff for their great effort and professionalism, to return to his full fitness.

The singer was scheduled to perform the surgery in Germany and communicated with the doctors and decided to do it at the International Medical Hospital, with its professors of international surgery and medical devices at the highest level.

And he visited Mohamed Mounir in the hospital, family and friends and those close to them, Major General Ahmed Ibrahim, the former governor of Aswan, and Dr. Hazem Attia, the former governor of Fayoum.

Mounir confirmed that he is currently in his house and conducting physiotherapy sessions under the supervision of German Jennifer Rayman.

Mounir revealed that he asked not to publish any news while in the hospital in order not to overburden friends and lovers amid their concerns, especially with demands for social separation due to the Corona epidemic.

In a voice loud and joyful, he said: “I promised you a wonderful party, and today I say to every Republican. Wait for me next Friday, May 29, a greeting to all my fans and they will be broadcast live from my home.”

Concluding: “And every year, our Egypt is guarded, satisfied, and the peoples of the world are in peace and security.”

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