Details of the fight of Representative Ilhami Ajinah with the medical staff at Dakahlia Hospital


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Sunday 10 May 2020 – 3:52 am
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Sunday 10 May 2020 – 3:52 am

The deputy: I will go to the Minister of Health to take the necessary measures towards any palaces .. and the Syndicate of Dakahlia Doctors will present a memo to the President of the Council against the deputy

Representative Ilhami Ajina, a member of the House of Representatives for the Sherbeen Department in Dakahlia, said through his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”, in response to his visit to a hospital in Dakahlia governorate, and accusing the hospital of assaulting its medical staff that he was exercising his supervisory role to discover the neglect of employees of the Sherbeen General Hospital in Dakahlia Governorate; Demanding the hospital director to submit his resignation, confirming that he will go to the Minister of Health to take the necessary action towards any failure.

The Sherbeen Hospital administration announced in a statement that MP Elhami Ajinah attended last Saturday at about 6:00 pm, in the presence of the alternate director and the deputy director, then the director of the hospital arrived, to follow up on a case reserved in the Al Batinah department (a patient from the Belqas Center where the deputy resided) ), He also came again to the hospital at exactly ten oclock on the evening of Friday, and the case was dealt with, and the necessary work was done for her as proven by the patient’s ticket, and the patient was being prepared to transfer to make a CT scan.

The statement added, “But Representative Elhami Ajinah encroached upon the hospital’s medical team, and published a video in which he accused Sherbin Hospital of false accusations, and its nullity appears in the video that the deputy published himself, a claim that there is no director, even though the first person in the video was the alternate director for the period The evening, and spoke to him, but the deputy spoke to the doctor in an inappropriate manner that is not tolerated by a doctor in circumstances and pressures such as those in hospitals now, and this is shown in the video shown.

The statement stated that the MP claimed through the video published by the lack of doctors, and whoever watched the video sees more than one doctor between the orthopedist and the surgeon and the pediatrician, unlike the other doctors who appeared in the video and others in the rest of the hospital.

The statement added that the deputy confirmed the absence of nursing, and that the video of the deputy himself shows many members of the nursing staff in their places in the reception rooms, the internal department and the screening team on the hospital gate, unlike the other departments, as well as the deputy’s claim that the hospital is not clean, contrary to the truth.

The statement confirmed that the deputy claimed that there were no pharmacists, adding: “The deputy came at 6 pm, meaning there is no pharmacy operating after 2 pm, and it is official, and we are not guilty if you did not understand the system inside the hospitals.”

The statement stated: “The deputy’s claim that the hospital’s blood bank is closed is incorrect, so whoever is reluctant to Sherbin Hospital will know that the door that the deputy is consulting on is the back door of the blood bank in terms of clinics, friendlier, but the whole work from the front door was open and working, but Of course, because this is the first visit to you to Sherbin Hospital, you do not know what is in it, and patients buy gypsum from his righteousness. Gypsum plagues these types, and sometimes the patient chooses a type of gypsum that is not available at the reception, and it is available through the directorate and therefore he has the right to answer him and we confine him. ”

Regarding the doctors ’refusal to photograph the patient’s ticket, the statement stated that the prevention of photographing it is due to the privacy of the patient’s condition, and that photographing it is against the law.

The statement concluded in the end: “We had hoped, as a medical team in Sherbin Hospital, in light of these difficult circumstances facing the country in general and the medical teams in every place in particular, that there would be support from the deputy instead of this method of phishing and speaking in a violent manner that is not appropriate with the medical team, Mr. Deputy, your role To stand in the back of the white army, as you say, and not to treat its members in such a violent and rude manner, the representative of this hospital, which you attended, says that it was unsuccessful in less than a year and a half in which child care was established. Its 9 beds followed the power of child care in the governorate, and the establishment of a virus treatment unit Liver, and more were treated Of 5,000 patients, the establishment of an integrated biological laboratory, the renewal of the entire children’s department, the renewal of the entire internal department, and a new renal washing unit that accommodates up to 50 dialysis machines (under construction) other than the protocols through which the suspected cases of corona, and the lines of cases are dealt with and dealt with And what Sherbeen Hospital is considered one of the first hospitals in its implementation and application .. This is Sherbeen Hospital and its management and medical staff who describe them as a failure .. fairness, Mr. MP, “according to the statement.

For his part, Osama Al-Shahat, head of the Dakahlia Doctors ’Syndicate, said that social media circulated the visit of Al-Hami Ajinah (deputy of the House of Representatives for the Belkas District) to Sherbin Central Hospital, his interaction with colleagues and the medical staff in a manner that contradicts professionalism and reduces the ability of doctors and health service providers in violation of the provisions of the constitution and laws .

He added that the members of the House of Representatives in the Sherbeen Department had been contacted, and they agreed to prepare a legal memorandum by the legal team of the Dakahlia Doctors ’Syndicate, and to include it in a memorandum now being prepared by the parliament’s representatives with two drinks, and to present them to Dr. Ali Abdel-Al, Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Council’s values ​​and health committee, and to send notes Today, Sunday, to the parliament with Ihab Al-Sallab, a member of Parliament in Sherbeen, and to take all necessary legal measures in such cases.

And the Dakahlia Doctors ’Association called upon everyone, whether officials or deputies, to preserve the unity of the class and support the doctors and all health service providers who are making every effort to protect the country and citizens in this sorrow.

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