Details of the security raid on a “Aqeeqah” gathering of a person in Cairo


Today, the security services managed to arrest a person who set up a butterfly and some people called “aqeeqah” on a street in the Department of Al-Zahir district in Cairo.

The beginning is when you reach the Cairo Relief Police that a person sets up a butterfly and invites some people to “aqeeqah” on a street in the Department of Al-Zahir Department in Cairo.

The owner of the ‘aqeeqah and two of his friends and the owner of the butterfly were arrested, the 17 guests were dismissed, the butterfly was removed and legal measures were taken.

The Ministry’s organs continue to intensify their security campaigns, which are enlarged to implement the regulations governing the prohibition of citizens ’movements and the prevention of gatherings by the“ Nile-Maritime ”Corniche roads at the level of the Republic, as well as the streets and areas surrounding food, food, and side roads that can take place for activities that can help spread the Corona virus.

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