Dialogue Ahmed Magdy: The length of filming for a “second chance” exhausted me …


04:13 PM

Monday 11 May 2020

Dialogue – Mona Al-Muji:

Rich of the rich of the “Oasis”, led by fate to find out a secret that is sought to know by an engineer who is interested in the matter of saving the world in the “end”, and because of him killed, “Arslan” was not his only role in the Ramadan race for this year 2020, as he participates in the championship of the “Second Chance” Presenting the personality of Ziyad, the minister of emotionally immature women, until he changed according to the circumstances and what he was experiencing, was the artist Ahmed Magdy, with whom Masrawy had the following dialogue with him ..

Let’s start with the “end” .. What prompted you to accept an honorable role in the work?

I wished to participate in a work like “The End”, and I was very happy when they offered me this role, even if it was a guest of honor, because the series is different, and distinctive, unlike any other work, and I also like to watch this type of work.

Do you expect the future to be as depicted by the “end”?

I do not wish the world to live a future like this one day, when humanity collapses.

Tell us about the scenes of working with the artist Youssef El Sharif?

I was very happy to cooperate with him, especially since my viewers gathered me with him, and I found him an intelligent, respectful, and friendly artist.

In a previous interview with us, you mentioned that you are writing the series “Cairo” and you said that it is about the dark future … will it be more dark than “the end”?

The Cairo series belongs to the future, and I am not in a hurry, and I hope that it will become a complete work in the coming years.

Where did you get to write the series and when will it come to light?

Work on the series is paused for the current period.

We return to your participation in Ramadan .. How did you get the reactions to Ziyad’s personality on a “second chance”?

Praise be to God, the reactions were largely positive, and I was delighted by the audience’s interest, their follow-up to the work, and their interaction with him and with the “Ziyad” character. I also found “Mims” about the series that made me laugh.

What attracted you to the character of “Ziyad” while reading the paper?

The character’s transformation will live. Initially, the public sees him as a womanizer, but his character then changes better, and I liked Ziad that he is creative and stubborn.

Are you having difficulties while filming?

The biggest difficulty was the long time we spent filming, and the number of hours, it was exhausting, because the space for my role in the “second opportunity” is great, which required me to shoot more scenes than any other work.

Where did you arrive in preparation for your second directorial “The Crow”?

Currently I am writing my second movie The Raven, and I will finish it next year, and I will try to start filming it next year.

What is the latest news about the movie “2 Talaat Harb”?

I finished filming, in which I collaborate with my father, director Majdi Ahmed Ali, and it revolves around 4 stories, which took place at the end of the seventies and early eighties.

When will you start filming the new parts of “Miss Farah”?

We are scheduled to start filming the new parts in the coming month of July, and wait for the opening of cinemas to show the audience in a new cinematic work, “Curfew” with the director Amir Ramses.

How do you spend your time in the ban?

I like to spend my time exercising, reading and listening to music.


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