Dialogue Joumana Murad: I cried because of a rumor that defaced my face … and apologized for Kh


09:01 AM

Saturday 16 May 2020

Dialogue – Ahmad Al-Jazzar

Prepared for publication – Diaa Mostafa

Syrian actress Joumana Murad is participating in the betrayal of Ahd series, starring actress Yusra, after an absence of 7 years, since her last series, Pharaoh in Ramadan 2013.

Murad made a strong comeback through the role of Sherine, in the series, and “Masrawy” had this conversation with the star Joumana Murad ..

Beginning .. How did you spend the month of Ramadan?

I am busy filming, and although filming in Ramadan is very tiring, and we spend long times, but when I am free, I cook for my son and my husband, and by the way, I am a good cook, whether Egyptian or Syrian.

How do you interact with your audience?

I manage my accounts myself and respond to followers, recently I became active on Twitter, my fans are light-blooded, and they give me a boost.

– Why are you keen to hide your son? What has motherhood changed in you?

Motherhood made me more mature, and my son Muhammad laughed at me in the whole world, and I do not intentionally hide my son’s face, not fear, but I respect the privacy of the house, and I can show it when I grow up a little, and my son looks more like his father, but he inherited from me “my eyes.”

– How did you prepare for Sherine’s character in betraying Ahed?

I did not meet addicts, but I searched for many videos, as well as the role of director Sameh Abdel Aziz, because he cares about the details.

-What is the most thing you feared from him in presenting Sherine’s role?

What worried me most was the exit of the character in a “more” way, and also the preservation of the sensual restoration of the character, because the photography is not done in order, and what is difficult for my performance is that the censorship deleted some scenes in which I take drugs, and therefore the feeling should have been shown without the representation of the scene of abuse.

Why did you reject Sherine’s role at first?

I was terrified of going back, and a million obsessions in my brain. I took God out three times, then I accepted and left it to God.

Why did you choose Sherine after 7 years of absence?

I do not like easy roles, and the best character that provokes me, and despite that people loved the character despite being addicted and evil, because they realized her motives, and I fell in love with Sherine despite the negatives of the character, because it is an existing model.

– Some attacked the character before showing the series and denounced the love story with Khaled Anwar?

Sherin’s love story with Hisham, “Khaled Anwar” started in the interest and retaliation from the era, but she loved him after that, because he is the only “right” thing in her life, and he is the only one who loved her.

What’s the hardest scene for you?

I was worried about the scene of death, but Sameh Abdulaziz performed it well, very simple scenes because I was terrified because I am a worried person.

Did you come back after being absent?

The first day of filming in every work is a horror day, not after the return, because the actor must develop and develop his tools, and I still have many needs that I want to present, which are far from the character of Jumana completely, to highlight my acting capabilities, and Sameh Abdulaziz advised me to forget my absence completely.

How did you receive the reactions to Sherin’s character?

I am the happiest person in life with reactions to the role of Sherine in betraying Ahed, despite the absence of 7 years, the audience did not forget Jumana, and I was keen to return in a complex role, and the work author Ahmed Adel is a real personalities writer, and there are strong surprises in the upcoming episodes.

Why was the return this year?

After reassuring my son Muhammad after reaching one year, and reassuring my family.

Did the rumors at your absence leave a trail in you?

Yes, I cried because of the rumor that I had plastic surgery, deformed my face because of it, the rumor of retirement, and the rumor that I converted to Islam, and I traveled to Hajj, even though I was a Muslim, and I was pregnant with my son at the time of the Hajj, and I did not tell anyone, because I decided to thank God for this blessing.

Return to cooperation with Sameh Abdel Aziz after the success of the films Al-Farah and Kabareh?

I presented signs with him, and people still remember the films Joy and Cabaret, and I understand Sameh from his own eyesight, and he gives me confidence, and very real forgiveness in what he offers from my people or modern.

– How did you react to episode 14?

Hisham’s death was a severe shock, and the public asked about the fate of Shirin’s role after his death, yet we found Shirin in a second line.

What about your first cooperation with Yousra?

She is my sister and my companion, and it is pure from my heart, and radiates love to everyone around her, and we know each other from time ago.


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