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A US drug company in California said that it had made a major breakthrough in the field of therapeutic research related to the virus “Corona” and has spread a wave of hope for a real and effective treatment of the virus that it will be able to put forth soon.

And the American pharmaceutical company claimed that it had discovered a miraculous treatment that could eradicate the new corona virus in just four days, noting that this treatment constitutes a major and important breakthrough in the field of fighting the virus, which has infected millions of people and caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands around the world since its appearance at the beginning of this year. And it spread very quickly to turn into a global pandemic.

The American “Fox News” network revealed in a report seen by “Arab Net” that the company “Sorento Therapeutics”, which is based in California, will soon announce the details of the major medical discovery that reached it, which is antibodies to the virus and bears the name ( STI-1499), which “will inhibit the virus by 100%,” the company said.

The information, which was leaked about the company, said that these antibodies could be available as a treatment for the Coronavirus soon and months before a vaccine was found for the virus.

“Fox News” quoted CEO and co-founder of the company, Dr. Henry G, as saying: “We want to confirm that there is a treatment, that is, there is a 100% effective solution.”

He added: “If we have a neutral antibody that can eliminate the virus from the human body, then we will not need social separation. You can open society without any fear.”

Healthcare companies and the pharmaceutical industry are striving to develop vaccines or treatments in the form of antibodies, and entered a race against time to produce this, amid expectations that the number of deaths associated with the “Covid 19” virus will reach 100,000 in the United States alone by the first. From next month.

And the share of “Sorrento Therapeutics” rose by missile after the news leaked about the company’s discovery of these antibodies, as the company’s share in “Wall Street” increased by 164% on Friday evening, according to what “Arab Net” reported.


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