Do not abandon us .. We do not transmit the Coronavirus


“Do not give up on us … We do not transmit the Coronavirus,” the content of a message sent by dogs and cats, and transmitted by doctors at a veterinary clinic in the Egyptian capital via the Internet.

Veterinary doctor Korolos Magdy said at the Animalia clinic in Cairo, “We started the initiative because at this time we found that people bring cats and dogs and leave them in front of our clinic, and this means that people give up animals because they are afraid of transmitting the Corona virus, and this is a mistake because the World Health Organization The Animal Health Organization has not said that animals transmit the Corona virus. ”

Magdy added that it is highly unlikely that domesticated pets will spread any diseases, but dogs or cats left on the street can be dangerous.

Doctors at the clinic decided to allow these animals to spread the message, and they began photographing dogs and cats with signs showing that keeping them safe, and pictures were posted on social networking sites on the Internet.

“I am not transmitting the Corona virus, please do not be afraid of me,” said a banner next to a French white “Boudl” dog.

The cat “Bossi” (3 years) and the dog “Snowy” took turns next to a sign saying “I love you, don’t throw me in the street.”

“Snowy Julia Joseph,” dog owner said, “Do not worry, dogs do not transmit the Corona virus … These dogs are very weak and cannot be thrown in the street, and they always need us, and may God create them until we have mercy on them.”

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