Doctors in Russia fall from hospital windows, mysteriously


10:50 PM

Monday 04 May 2020


Russian and American media have reported that, over the past two weeks, three Russian doctors have fallen from the windows of the hospitals where they work, in mysterious circumstances.

And the American newspaper “Washington Post” reported, and quoted by “Sky News Arabia”, on Monday, that Alexander Shulibov, a health care specialist in a hospital in western Russia, is suffering from a critical condition after a skull fracture after falling from the second floor of the hospital last Saturday. .

This is the third incident of its kind that has been repeated in Russia over the past two weeks, when two other doctors threw themselves in the same way in mysterious circumstances.

The American newspaper reported that Shulipov and his colleague Alexander Koziaken recently published a video complaining that the chief physician at the “Novaya Osman” hospital forced him to work despite having been infected with the Corona virus.

In a second video, three days later, Shulipov, 37, retracted what he said in the first video, describing what he said was “extremely emotional”. The police are still investigating the fall of Shulipov.

Last week, Natalia Lebedeva, the chief EMS officer at the Emergency Training Center, outside Moscow, fell from a hospital room window, resulting in her death.

Before her death last Friday, Lebedeva had symptoms of Corona virus infection. The Russian authorities said that her death was a normal accident.

A few days ago, 47-year-old Yelena Nepomnashashia, the head of the Siberian Hospital that was designated for patients with the Corona virus, fell from the fifth floor window of the facility.

Anonymous source was quoted by local media as saying that Nipomenashia objected to the use of another hospital building for the treatment of coronavirus patients due to a lack of protective equipment and poor staff training.

Corona virus infection in Russia rose to more than 145 thousand cases, while the number of deaths exceeded 1300 people.

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