Dortmund cut the tape back by sweeping his neighbor Schalke


Everything seemed strange at the Signal Iduna Park stadium, the usual roar of fans between its flanks, especially in its southern stadium, where the start of the match draw took place without any approach.

With the start of the match, the voices of the coaches, their assistants and even the players became heard with echo, but all these things did not prevent Dortmund from dominating the match thanks to the brilliance of its stars, Halland, Guerrero, Hazard and Hakimi.

Dortmund scored the Norwegian star Erling Halland 29, followed by Portugal’s Rafael Guerrero 45 to end the first half with Dortmund advancing 2-0.

On the second; Just 3 minutes after the whistle, the Belgian Thurgen Hazard planted the third goal 48, and then brought the match to a practical conclusion, Guerrero, thanks to his signature of the fourth goal 63.

Details of the match

– The end of the match with a broad victory for Dortmund 4-0.

Schalke is trying to be dangerous, but he is unable to do so, and it is clear that the fitness of his players is not on time.

– The goal of 63 d Guerrero adds the fourth to his team and the second to him personally, after a wonderful breakthrough in the middle and a wonderful exchange with the star of the match Halland.

– The playing rhythm has decreased after the third goal, Schalke is looking to grasp its ranks, but Dortmund with its distinctive elements makes a big difference.

A third goal for Dortmund, D48 Hazard scores with the start of the second half of a powerful shot after an organized and swift rebound to the hosts.

– The end of the first half with a clear progression and performance as a result of Al-Diyar Dortmund 2-0,

– The goal of the Portuguese D-45 Rafael Guerrero doubled the result from a side shot, after a Schalke goalkeeper fouled the ball away under pressure from Halland, it reached Mahmoud David, who passed to Halland himself, so the latter provided a wonderful ball for Guerrero, who hit with precision and strength.

D29 Halland’s goal scored the first match goal for Dortmund, after a brilliant attack by Julian Brandt to the Belgian Thorgen Hazard, who passed perfectly to the Norwegian star.

D26, the most dangerous opportunity for Schalke was from the Italian captain

D24 Halland, after receiving the first warning in the match, hits a ball from the outside.

– 23 D Hakimi, in turn, paid a free straight, she went from the wall to the corner.

– Dortmund is organized as it should, but its players move the ball with some haste, there is no doubt that the lack of training in the recent period and the absence of fans and the strange situations imposed by the Corona virus greatly affect the luster of the Ruhr derby.

– D 13 Ashraf Hakimi leads and sends a very dangerous cross, the furthest away from the Royal Blue Defense, Dortmund is close to the goal.

– D 07 free-to-air Schalke strikes the defensive zero wall.

– D05 Dortmund star Halland penetrates and poses an early danger to Schalke 04, but the last goalkeeper, Markus Sobert, is preceded by the ball.

– International referee Deniz Aitken and amid an unfamiliar atmosphere at the Signal Iduna Park stadium, the first whistle sounds.

– This will be the 180th derby match between the two teams. Borussia Dortmund won only one of their last 8 encounters (1-2 in Schalke 04 in December 2018). The last derby in Dortmund ended with Schalke 4-2 victory.

In the table below, you will know the timing and timing of the confrontation with the carrier, such as the Leipzig and Freiburg match date on Saturday.

Schedule of German league matches and carrier channels

The date of the most important matches today (Saturday)

the match Conveying channel The date of the match
Dortmund × Schalke HD 1 Saturday, May 16 – 16:30
Leipzig x Freiburg HD 2 Saturday, May 16 – 16:30
Hertha Berlin v Hoffenheim HD 3 Saturday, May 16 – 16:30
Wolfsburg vs. Augsburg HD 4 Saturday, May 16 – 16:30
Paderborn v Fortuna Dusseldorf HD 6 Saturday, May 16 – 16:30
Eintracht Frankfurt vs Borussia Moenchengladbach HD 1 Saturday, May 16 – 19:30


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