Drama Stars on Choice: A Wonderful National Epic featuring the role of real art


A number of art stars in Egypt expressed their happiness with a series the choiceAnd what his body of true heroes personalities, where they said that it is considered to activate the role of real art in the Egyptian society, as it has an important role in raising young people on patriotism and immortalizing the stories and tales of these heroes in their minds, and the artist Mona Zaki wrote, through her account on Instagram: “Thank you Our armed forces .. We have an Egyptian army that we are proud of, and a second army of mothers and widows of the martyrs, for sure proud of their sons and their wives despite the separation and distance … Our Lord is patient with every mother and every sister and all his wife and every Egyptian who lost dear for the sake of our land. “

Actress Mona Zaki via Instagram
Actress Mona Zaki via Instagram

Artist Ahmed Salah Hosni said, through his account on Instagram: “I created, my dear one thousand congratulations, one of the most beautiful patriotic works throughout history. I know the efforts made to choose the light in this respectful and honorable form, whether from you or from all the stars of work. To connect the closest picture to reality … Thank you Amir Karara Thank you Peter Mimi Thank you Bahir Dowidar Thank you the productive company that did not spare anything for this historic work of greatness to come out. “

Ahmed Salah Hosni on Twitter
Ahmed Salah Hosni via Instagram

Poet and scriptwriter Ayman Bahgat Qamar said, via his Twitter account: “I would like reactions to the series of choice from children, including my son who lived with all his senses and learn patriotism from the series and its impact on adults, it will be a reason to change the concept of art among people and be a guide for the state so that you prefer to do more To activate the role of real art that affects the conscience … Bravo, and God is time. “

The author and scriptwriter Ayman Bahgat Qamar
Author and scriptwriter Ayman Bahjat Qamar

The artist Hany Ramzy, through his account on Instagram, published a picture of the hero Ahmed El Mansi, commenting: “Greetings to the martyrs of the homeland … The series is a national epic, salute to all our industry, we are all _ Egypt and we can not forget the covenant. Long live Egypt.”

Artist Hany Ramzy via Instagram
Artist Hany Ramzy via Instagram

The artist and the media, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, wrote through her account on Instagram: “The choice is a heartache in the taste of the sweetness of martyrdom. Our Lord, have mercy on the true heroes of the immortal paradise, and by thanking everyone who is tired, worked hard and participated in this great patriotic work.”

Rania Mahmoud Yassin Onstjeram
Rania Mahmoud Yassin Instagram

The twenty-eighth episode of “The Choice” series witnessed the star Amir Karara, which is shown exclusively on channel TV ON, Exciting events, where the episode started with an intense spread of penitence and armed groups around the ambush of Perth, to attack our heroes, the monsters of the Battalion 103 thunderbolt, under the command of Lt. Col. Ahmed Mansi, where the monsters of the Earth defended the last grain of sand from the precious Sinai and was the victim of the terrorist attack nearly Of the brave 28 martyrs of our soldiers.


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