Echo of the country: After raping her and stealing her phone .. Menna Abdel Aziz and Mazen Ibrahim reconciled: We are sisters and we were annoyed


Reconciled Menna Abdel Aziz Tik Tok girl who caused controversy throughout the day with
Her friend Mazen Ibrahim, who accused him of rape, stealing her phone and assaulting her.

Appeared Menna Abdel Aziz In a 36-second video with someone, she said: Every year
You are good, there was no problem between me and Mazen, but I was just falling apart because of what happened
Many people fell between us because of the needs he was doing because of the salvation of the dialogue
Our right and there is no problem and salvation, there is no difference between us and nothing.

He appeared with Menna Abdel Aziz Her boyfriend said: I wish people understood and void words so that they could
You are speaking in need, you do not understand it, and every year you are good.

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She also broadcast a second video while she was appearing with 3 young men, in which they said: Ya Jadaan Hewar
The rape that she said, and she collapsed, her nerves tired, and she did not know
What do you say? And what is the matter? It is all bears .. Menna said: Mazen, my elder brother
There is no problem, we rightfully caught it and enough videos.

It appeared Menna Abdulaziz In a video on social media, she was accused
Her friend Mazen Ibrahim raped her, stole her mobile phone, and exposed her on social media
Social publishing scribbling videos of modesty in
The day of Ramadan, in agreement with her friends
And force her to film disruptive clips

And she said
Menna Abdel Aziz Its friends
They invited her to have breakfast at someone’s house and beat her
And force her to shoot porn clips

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Menna Abdel Aziz said in the video
Trader: Rape by coercion and the girls. My companions were in agreement with them to rape and photograph me.
In the conditions of the breach and the blocks of the countries, they made the needs of the beast

She said she was beaten and raped
At the hands of a young man, Mazen Ibrahim, in agreement with a number of the girls whose owners mentioned their names in
The video is Shaima Shaker, Rahma and Asma..and they agreed to lure it to Mazen’s apartment and it was done
Rape her, videotaped, and stole her phone.

And yet
The video released the sympathies of the social networking site with her and launched a hashtag at noon in Egypt
They led Twitter # Haq_Mnah_Abdulaziz # Arrested_Rape_Mazin Ibrahim
Activists demanded communication
Social trial of the accused Mazen Ibrahim

Menna Abdel Aziz reports from
The 17-year-old is making videos with a named Kalashnikov on the Tik Tok program, and after
The video was published. The pioneers of social media were divided between sympathetic and sympathetic
With Menna they said it Small and may not be exposed either
The second side, who carried Menna Abdel Aziz as a result of all that he got due to her videos on Tik Tok
She wears clothes Tight and scandalous according to their description ..
As for the bigger side, he demanded the families to keep their children away from the tik-tuk and the communication sites
And social control and demanded the competent authorities responsible for Quickly legalize the use of tik-tuk and social media
And put new legislation for it to preserve Egyptian customs and traditions.

Hours did not pass on a video
Ment even Mazen Ibrahim, who was accused, came out
He raped her, defended himself and said that her behavior is bad and that she is blackmailing him to get money
From him, he demanded that she be brought to the forensic medicine, which is Al-Faisal, in accusing him of rape, and began publishing
Videos proving that there is a relationship between him and Menna Abdel Aziz.

Then Shaima Shaker, a friend, appeared
Menna said: Menna deserves what happened in it and that everything was with her consent and she had records
For the whole story, I will tell it to Mina Meschk and make accusations against it over false.

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