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Thursday 07 May 2020

Books – Osama Ali:

The Ministry of Education and Technical Education has identified new instructions to explain and clarify instructions for the delivery of research projects, for students in transfer classes from the third primary to the third preparatory grade.

In a letter circulated to the directorates, the Ministry of Education stressed the need to follow several instructions that must be observed when submitting the research, including:

– The necessity of preparing the research project and writing it either by hand or on the computer.

– The student converts the research project file to a PDF file via photography or computer.

– The file name is the student ID if it is alone or with a group.

– Sending the research project electronically, except in the event that it is not possible only, the delivery will be made in paper at the school according to the timetable set by the ministry to deliver the research projects from 9 am to 2 pm.

– The school has no right to block codes for regular and home students.

Urging students to use the platform to send research projects electronically.

The claim is not entitled to submit a hard copy to the student who submitted the research project through the platform.

– Grant the student a receipt or receipt for the research project submitted manually, and in the event of his delivery on the platform, the student can verify the presence of the file sent on the platform itself after transmission.

– The school prepares lists of students who have submitted electronic research projects and presented them through the platform or the school’s communication tools to inform students about them.

– Stressing the need to adhere to the deadlines set in the timetable, not to be backward, and to follow school security instructions and supervisors.

– The presence of one individual during the presentation of the research, whether individual or group.

– Commitment to the precautionary measures during the handing over of research projects by wearing a muzzle and maintaining distances.

– The paper project is delivered in a white envelope that contains a student code and class.

For the third preparatory grade, each school sends the submitted research projects on paper, as well as a CD prepared by the school on which the electronic research projects were submitted on the platform with the students ’knowledge to the relevant system and monitoring committee, including a list of students’ names, the project name and the type of project if it is electronic or paper.


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