Egypt: 126 terrorists were killed in raids in Sinai


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

The Egyptian army announced the liquidation of 126 terrorists during raids in Sinai.

Colonel Tamer Al-Rifai, the military spokesman, said that the army carried out 22 raids and 16 specific operations in Sinai, killing 126 terrorists, who found a number of different weapons and explosive belts prepared for detonation in northern and central Sinai.

He said that the Air Force has targeted and destroyed 228 hideouts and shelters used by terrorist elements, in addition to the destruction of 116 four-wheel drive vehicles, including 34 vehicles on the northeastern strategic direction, 62 on the western strategic direction, and 20 on the southern strategic direction.

The military spokesman confirmed the discovery and detonation of 630 explosive devices that were planted to target the army forces on the ways of moving into the areas of operations, as well as 8 tunnels holes, as well as 56 cars and 226 motorcycles without metal plates used by terrorist elements.

The spokesman referred to the arrest of 266 criminal, wanted and criminal suspects.

He revealed the killing and injury of 4 officers, 3 non-commissioned officers and 8 soldiers during clashes with terrorists.

An explosion occurred in the city of Bir al-Abed, North Sinai, on Thursday, killing and wounding 10 soldiers.

The military spokesman said that an explosive device had exploded with an armored vehicle south of the city of Bir al-Abd, resulting in the death and injury of an officer, a non-commissioned officer, and 8 soldiers.

On Thursday, he stated that the army forces continue their combat operations against terrorist elements to maintain the security of the country.

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