Egypt .. Ahmed Fox and the security forces released


The Public Prosecution Office in the 6th of October City ordered the release of the Egyptian artist, Ahmed Flux, and the security personnel of a residential compound in Sheikh Zayed, on a financial guarantee of 1,000 pounds each.

The investigation authorities listened to the statements of the security personnel who accused Flux of beating them, and who said in the investigations that they were surprised by the artist riding in a black car and wanted to enter the residential community, but they found that there was no permit to allow him to do so, as well as his wife’s refusal to enter the assembly.

The security personnel indicated that, after they refused to enter him, he became agitated and beat them, as shown in the video they presented to the investigation authorities, and proved that they were beaten, and denied what was said on his tongue that they assaulted him, directed him insults or slander, or damaged his car.

Source: RT


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