Egypt’s meeting on Libya sent a balanced diplomatic message


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The UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Gargash, considered today, Tuesday, that the five-party meeting that Egypt had invited and participated in by France, Greece, Cyprus and the UAE, and the statement issued by him “a balanced diplomatic message.”

Gargash added in a tweet on his account on “Twitter”, that the weight of the participating countries and their efforts to promote stability and the primacy of international law cannot be ignored.

He affirmed that an important platform was established by prioritizing the language of international law over the laws of the jungle.

Gargash wrote on Twitter: “The five-party meeting that brotherly Egypt called for and France, Greece, Cyprus and the Emirates participated in, and the statement issued by him a balanced diplomatic message, the weight of the participating countries and their endeavor to enhance stability and the primacy of international law cannot be ignored, an important platform established through the primacy of the language of law International law on jungle laws. ”

Both were Egypt, UAE, Greece, France and CyprusYesterday, Monday, he expressed regret over the escalation of violence in Libya, and considered that Turkey’s agreement with the reconciliation government threatens regional stability.

A five-way statement issued by the meeting held by the foreign ministers of Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, France and the UAE said that the latest worrying developments in the eastern Mediterranean were discussed, in addition to a number of regional crises that threaten peace and stability in that region.

In a statement issued after the end of the meeting, the ministers stressed the strategic importance of strengthening and intensifying their political consultations, praised the results of the Cairo meeting on 8 January 2020, to enhance security and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, and expressed their deep concern over the current escalation and ongoing provocative moves in Eastern Mediterranean.

The Ministers condemned the illegal Turkish moves taking place in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus and its territorial waters, as it represented an explicit violation of international law in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. It is the sixth attempt by Turkey, in less than a year, to conduct illegal excavations within the sea areas of Cyprus.

The ministers also condemned the escalation of Turkish violations of Greek airspace, including the flight over populated areas and territorial waters, in violation of international law. Moreover, the ministers condemned the systematic exploitation of civilians by Turkey and the attempt to push them towards illegally crossing the Greek land and sea borders.

The ministers demanded Turkey with full respect for the sovereignty of all countries And their sovereign rights in their marine areas in the eastern Mediterranean.

The Ministers reaffirmed that both the Memorandum of Understanding on the delineation of maritime borders in the Mediterranean Sea, And the memorandum of understanding on security and military cooperation, signed in November 2019 between Turkey and Fayez al-SarrajThey run counter to international law and the UN arms embargo on Libya, and undermine regional stability. The Ministers pointed out that the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the delineation of maritime borders in the Mediterranean violates the sovereign rights of third countries, is inconsistent with the law of the sea, and cannot have any legal implications for third countries.

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