Electricity of Homs: Today’s explosions resulted in “significant damage to the network”


Homs Electricity: Today's explosions led to


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The electricity company in the Syrian city of Homs announced that the explosions today led to major damage to the electricity network.

The company pointed out that the explosions that occurred near the southern entrance of Homs damaged the network on medium and low tension and conversion centers, and led to the departure of the medium tension lines “Ghazala and the Institute” from service.

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Syria: A huge explosion shakes a military site east of Homs

The company pointed out that “the electricity workshops mobilized as soon as the information was received.”

A military source had announced that successive explosions at one of the military sites occurred “due to a human error when transporting some ammunition, which led to material and human losses due to the explosion of several shells and the splintering of fragments outside the military site.” The source indicated that a number of civilians were wounded.

Source: RT

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