Elhamy Dough in a hot confrontation via Live “Seventh Day” about Sherbin Hospital video


Live conducted “Seventh Day” a hot confrontation in a dialogue with colleague Mohamed El-Sisi with MP Elhami Ajina about the video spread on social media, regarding the Sherbin hospital video, and behind the scenes of its filming, and the dialogue witnessed the answer to the most difficult questions: “Why did the deputy take a staff member to visualize him ?, Is it appropriate for the deputy parliament to have his control over the executive in this way, or through his supervisory tools? “

It is worth noting that the General Union of Doctors issued a statement, in which it said that it rejects what was done by a member of the House of Representatives Ilhami Ajinah, during his storming of Sherbeen Hospital in the company of a group he brought with him to conduct electoral propaganda, and verbally infringing the medical team, intimidating them and inciting against them premeditatedly, He also infringed on the sanctity of patients, photographed medical files, disturbed the public ladder by causing fear among hospital personnel, violating infection control rules and decisions of the Minister of Health and the World Health Organization to combat the Corona virus. .

The General Union of Doctors added, in its statement: A member of the House of Representatives also posted a video of this on his page, which is an attempt to defame and incite against doctors, noting that in coordination with the Syndicate of Doctors of Dakahlia he will take all necessary legal measures against a member of the House of Representatives, before the Attorney General and the authorities The competent judicial authority, as well as the speaker of the House of Representatives, are assured of providing all support to doctors against all forms of abuse.

She pointed out that this is at a time when the masses of doctors face death every day in all hospitals with open hearts and a heart that does not know fear, and a conscience that does not know negligence and escape responsibility, whatever the circumstances, it has become clear to all of the number of injuries and deaths inflicted on medical staff how serious the situation Those who work in difficult working conditions and expose them and their families to the risks of infection, and even weak material appreciation for them in exchange for their sacrifices in their lives to treat the people of the country.


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