Elissa released the last coffee song during the second day of Eid


Lebanese actress Elissa is preparing to launch her new song, “Coffee of the Past”, and decided to release it on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr, after she launched her promo.

Elisa had expressed her enthusiasm to launch the song through her official account on “Twitter”, and said: “Coffee of the past is one of the closest songs to my heart in the recent period, and it will be issued on Eid, God willing.” The lyrics of Siham El Shashaa, composed by Mohamed Rahim, distributed by Kamil Khoury, and the first Lebanese song that you will hear from the new album.

Elisa had launched in the month of April the song “Hengni violin,” which topped the trend, and achieved more than 5 million views through the official channel of the company “Rotana” on “YouTube”.

The words of the song say: “When we go and travel a long time … when we enter a new love story .. when we gather on a happy occasion .. we sing .. when we fly with joy to another world … when the world is narrowed on us and we suffer .. when we separate the world from this sec. We sing. We will live long time and see .. We will live under any circumstances .. We will live long time and we will live .. We will live in the night between us We live .. We will sing as well and we will dance high sorrows .. O minimum world Jinan in Jinan .. Oh Dunya Jinan in Jinan. ”


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