Elon Musk seeks to add some video games with Tesla cars .. I know the most prominent


After ruining Tesla shares last week, Elon Musk is back with his controversial tweets again, saying it is a good idea to install some games such as Minecraft and Pokemon Go in Tesla cars, where the company’s CEO tweeted, “Minecraft has an amazing base,” according to the site Indian TOI.

“Does anyone think they can get a good Minecraft multiplayer game running on Tesla? Or maybe create a real-life game like Pokemon Go while driving safely? Like a complicated version of Pac-man or Mario Kart?” Musk added.

Musk’s idea of ​​putting Minecraft in Tesla cars was discussed for the first time in January this year after he tweeted a poll, asking his followers if they wanted to install the Witcher video game in Tesla, and one of the followers said it “would be better if I could play Minecraft in Tesla (and my child will love it too) “Mask replied,” Agreed, important. “

The American billionaire, due to some of his latest tweets, has had problems with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as last week’s tweet says Tesla shares were “too high”, causing Tesla to drop its market value by $ 14 billion in hours.

He also fell $ 3 billion of Musk’s private stake in the electric car company, and had a bad tweet earlier in August 2018, which cost him his position as president of Tesla.

The August 2018 tweet led to Musk and Tesla reaching a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the settlement included $ 40 million in penalties, divided equally between the company and Musk, and the dismissal of Musk as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tesla.


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