Elon Musk suggests launching 10,000 missiles to Mars


SpaceX founder Elon Musk considers that Earth’s people can launch 10,000 missiles to Mars to conduct thermonuclear explosions in its poles and create conditions for Earth’s life there..

This was stated by Elon Musk, on his blog on Twitter, commenting on a statement made by the Russian Space Foundation’s Ross Cosmos, Alexander Blushenko, at the TAS agency, as he said that climate change in Mars requires the launch of 10,000 space rockets to the Red Planet.

Elon Musk had previously proposed a series of thermonuclear explosions at the poles of Mars. Musk believes that this will lead to the evaporation of the frozen carbon dioxide gas that forms the ice cap in both poles of the Red Planet, according to Russia today.

As for the evaporated gas, it will make Marss atmosphere more dense and create global warming, which will raise the temperature on the surface of the planet..

In what he said, Alexander Ploshenko, in response, that the thermonuclear explosions in the poles of Mars will require the launch of 10 thousand super-heavy missiles from Earth, which will not suffice, according to the Russian expert, to change the climate on the Red Planet.

Elon Musk revealed last January his company is building 100 Starship vehicles every year to put one million people on Mars by 2050, aiming to make humans a “multi-planet species”. The SpaceX founder issued a strange ad with an unrealistic timeline regarding its colonization To Mars, after he had previously announced a strangest idea involving his bombing of the Red Planet in the nuclear.

One of his followers commented on Twitter on this matter at the time, saying: “Up to one million people by 2050?” He answered, “Yes,” while another user interfered, “This is assuming that the production of fuel on the surface of Mars can support return flights.” Musk replied, “Yes, a lot of work is needed to produce fuel on Mars.”


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