Episode 20 of the series “The Choice”: Azhari scholar defends Ibn Taymiyya fatwas


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Episode 20 of the “Choice” series began with the giving of Sheikh Ramadan Abdel-Moez, one of the scholars of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, a lecture to the soldiers in the Sinai, on the atonement of extremist groups for all those who disagree with them.

Ramadan said: “Infidelity carries two conditions, the first of which is disbelief by saying and doing, such as tearing up the Qur’an. This is an act of disbelief, but I cannot describe its owner as an infidel, and the second condition is the criminal condition, such as killing people of other religions.”

He was guided by the wall of the prophets, stories, and disbelievers in the Noble Qur’an, and it carried commandments from God Almighty to respect the People of the Book and other sects. As for the Takfiri groups, “they only take from religion what serves their interests and beliefs, and this is more dangerous than disbelief, because they play with the word of God.”

Sheikh Al-Azhari said: «Ibn Taymiyyah was innocent of them, and his fatwas were issued at a time when the attack was violent against Islam, so it was necessary to defend him, and it was when Ibn Taymiyyah went to the Tatars to return the prisoners, his leader told him that the prisoners will take the Muslims, so he told him that I will take the prisoners Christians and Jews before Muslims ».

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