Episode 23 of “Al-Prince”: Radwan hits Yasser and Fathi … and the last is Y


10:09 PM

Saturday 16 May 2020

Hani Saber wrote:

The 23rd episode of the “Prince” series shown on “DMC”, witnessed many dramatic events that we show in the following report:

_ The episode begins, with a scene of “Radwan” quarreling with his two brothers, “Yasser and Fathi”, and hit them with a “hot cling” in front of the people of Hara.

_ Ola asks Radwan to marry, but he tells her that he will do so after finding his daughter, Maryam.

_ “Fadwa” tells “Fathi, Yasser, Abeer and Abdel Mohsen that they should find Maryam before Radwan.

_ “Yasser” Mohamed Alaa asks Rogina to “Fadwa”, to leave “Fathi” Ahmed Zaher, to marry her.

_ Nora goes to her brother Radwan and tells him that there is someone who wants to marry her.

_ “Fathi” uses Bultaji and his “Mohammed Diab” who appears to work for the first time in this episode, in order to kill “Radwan”, in exchange for receiving 5 million pounds.

The episode shows “Yasser and Raafat” agreement with the bully, “Mohamed Diab”, on the division of the amount he gets from “Fathi”.

_ “Fathi” and his brothers go to the cabaret of “Abdel-Mohsen”, coinciding with “Diab” going to kill “Radwan” in his apartment where he lives, and as soon as “Radwan” opens the refrigerator, “Mohamed Diab” appears behind him and places “Iron Chain” He turned around his neck and tried to strangle him, to end this episode.

“Prince” series, written and directed by Mohamed Sami, starring Mohamed Ramadan “Radwan”, Nour Lebanese “Ola”, Rogina “Fadwa”, Salwa Othman “Samiha”, Ahmed Zahir “Fathi”, Naglaa Badr, “Lubna”, Edward “Abdel Mohsen” Donia Abdel Aziz “Shaima”, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun “Hamed”, Reem Sami “Noura”, Badria, “Great” students, Rehab El-Gamal “Abeer”, Ahmed Fahim “Raafat”, Mohamed Alaa “Yasser”, Ahmed Dash “Adel” Muhammad Mahran “Hamada”.


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